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As a good team player, I admire working in a professional environment. Always, seeking challenging and rewarding roles which will fully initialize my talents and my capability as a good communicator, with excellent English and Arabic language, time management and leadership skills with the ability to multi task unrelated activities. I appreciate working under pressure and make an effective contribution to any situation.
Within the education sector, I am currently a fellow lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester. Holding an external examiner position in Bedford University in London and MSA Cairo in Egypt.
Within the sports sector,I am a consultant on the board of the Talent discovery and development within the Saudi Arabian football federation. Within the food sector, I am also a consultant for several business, cafes, restaurants and fast-food chains.
Finally, I am proudly the head and director of Project Square One – Leadership in Practice.


2017 PhD – Human Resources Management and Leadership – Manchester Metropolitan University – [United Kingdom – Manchester]
2016 PGCLTHE – Manchester Metropolitan University – [United Kingdom – Manchester]
2014 MPhil – Manchester Metropolitan University – [United Kingdom – Manchester]
2013 MSc Project Management – Manchester Metropolitan University – [United Kingdom – Manchester]
2011 BSc Civil Engineering – King Abulaziz University – [Saudi Arabia – Jeddah]
2005 High School – AlAndalus Private School – [Saudi Arabia – Jeddah]

(For further information please feel free to download my Curriculum Vitae)
CV-Zee(2020) Zeyad CV