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It can be challenging to enter the highly competitive restaurant industry, but with our fantastic team, myself by your side your advantage is unparalleled. Our savvy team members have extensive experience in virtually every aspect of operating a restaurant, from brand ideation to menu development to on-site training and support. We’ll help you incubate big ideas that will outmaneuver the competition and drive all-important cash flow.
With over 5 years of experience, we are ready to assist you with any aspect of your restaurant’s operation, big or small. Our seasoned industry experts have used their expertise to help many of new and existing foodservice operations, from new concept development projects, leadership training, marketing, compliance and more. If it has to do with a restaurant, it’s in our wheelhouse.

We worked with Players UK – Manchester

The Players brand is all about creating a vibrant and fun place to hang out, socialize and grab some good food, all themed around sport. The founders have travelled the world, sampling food from all over the globe to bring the best tastes back to the home crowd, because we want you to be as passionate about good food and sport as we are.

We worked with Mistika Lounge – Manchester

A cosy atmosphere for Dessert, hots drinks and Shisha Pipes. They believe that the class of clientele would really depend on where they are situated. They believed if you want to be “Stand Out” you have to be “Stand Alone”. The designers visited “Shisha Pipe” Lounges all across Europe from London to Copenhagen to Hamburg to see the trend in the type of experience as a “Consumer” one could possibly get. It is proven that a customer will never got an experience where they were made to feel like someone who was part of the “family”, warmly greeted with respect

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Sport is a huge, highly competitive and growing global business. The demand has never been higher for skilled and qualified professionals, with a grounding in governance and the commercial acumen, organisation and leadership skills to drive sporting organisations forward in a commercial world.
We believe in orchestrating the art of merging Education and sports, with brilliant coaching team is undertaken within impressive, modern facilities around England. We are partners with Manchester City & Manchester United Academies. Our mission is to ensure participants reach their potential, allow them to express themselves through football and equally importantly, to have fun. We welcome players from all over the world of all abilities.
We assure you that both academies coaches are FA or UEFA qualified and selectively hand picked by our team to bring a high level of footballing knowledge to the camps, as well as being positive role models and examples to all our players on camp.