The knowledge

I have taught business, math, economics, management and even research methods yet in fact I am specialized in leadership and have been developing my leadership and communication skills for the last 7 years. Based on my current position as a fellow lecturer I was appointed as a personal tutor for level 5 students dealing with their personal and academics problems which helped me enhancing my monitoring abilities and be a supporter throughout the
year to more than 70 students. I have also contributed to assessment moderation (pre-marking and post-marking), as well as interacted with external examiners to ensure that all learning outcomes are met. I am also aware of the importance of using technology in the learning and teaching process. I have managed to pass ELTAT course by CELT and addressed the important of various software including Moodle, SPSS and Amos. My PhD research is under the
management and human recourses umbrella focusing on leadership in the higher education institutions. My thesis title “The Power of Productive Energy in relation to Leadership style and job satisfaction in Saudi Universities”.

The experience

Over the past 4 years I have been part of 6 different teaching and unit teams producing high level of teaching and achieving the unit learning outcomes. I have assessed level 3,4,5,6 and 7 students including coursework, assessments and even dissertations supervision. Models Taught, Introduction to Business (Level 3), Business Math’s and Economics (Level 4), Dynamic Business Environment (Level 4), Managing People in a Contemporary Economy (level
4), Working in a Digital Era (Level 4), Work base-learning (Online-Level 5), Project Management (Level 6), Leadership in Practice (Level 6) and Research Methods – MSc Project Management (Level 7). Based on the above units, the student feedback I have received from the internal Student Survey (ISS) throughout the years has beenexceptional, as the students were commenting about my interactive teaching style, relevant academic knowledgein the field of leadership and other. Not just that but also the learning they have gained from our class.

Curriculum Design

I have contributed to the design and delivery of several units such as; leadership in practice unit; the assessment for 2016/17 changed from an exam to a leadership portfolio and I was involved with the unit tutor in coming up with innovative ideas for delivering the leadership practice element in the tutorials. The feedback from students has been extremely positive about their learning experience on the leadership in practice unit. I feel that my input to the unit has made a difference to the learning experience of the students who took part in my three tutorial groups. Moreover, I have worked with experienced colleagues at Level 4 to design several units such as (Working in a Digital Era) which is part of BA Business Psychology programme. I have designed unit from developing LOs, scheme of work to assessment types and weightings. Working closely with various colleagues has given me the confidence to be able to bring my own ideas to existing units, to ensure teaching is based on constructive alignment and on pedagogical methods, and that learning outcomes of the unit and programme are reflected in the student’s work. I was also part of the team that developed and designed a new programme
called MSc Global Leadership.

Skilled influencer and Decisive thinker

As part of my teaching, I daily interact and facilitate complex information to various, diverse students (in terms of age, background, experience, business knowledge, and learning styles). Some of the practices I use for my teaching and daily communication include: visualization and animation to demonstrate the message, breaking complex theories into parts to simplify it, real-life examples from today’s business world, stories from my own professional experience, providing the information in written form, using plain and proper language, and repeating the message. One-to-one communication with students and colleagues is also my priority to ensure the message is received and understood.

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